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Projects tagged: sequence

ARRAY [ ] new media
code, drawing, sequence
From Here to There and Back Again: Loops, Variables and Conditionals in Processing, introduces animation using conditionals, while introducing or reinforcing variables and
updated: 07-24-2015
ARRAY [ ] new media
code, color, drawing, sequence
200 lines: in space / of code introduces foundational principles of both code and two-dimensional design through a structured drawing exercise executed in Processing.
updated: 02-23-2015
ARRAY [ ] new media
digital output, imaging, sequence, sound
A project exploring conceptual aspects of digital video production and the art historical lineage of these approaches.
updated: 04-25-2015
ARRAY [ ] new media
internet, location, sequence, ui, web
Storytelling [intro to desktop documentary] provides a low pressure introduction to performing live with a computer.
updated: 08-05-2015
ARRAY [ ] new media
imaging, light, location, sequence
Doppelgänger Video [intro to video compositing] provides an introduction to video, editing, and the construction of narrative and illusion.
updated: 07-26-2015