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  1. ARRAY[ ] is independent, and non-corporate. Our editors, developers, advisors, contributors, and organizers are all teachers and professors deeply invested in education.
  2. ARRAY[ ] is a repository of knowledge based on the idea that the “foundations” of new media are constantly shifting, negotiated, contested, and divergent.
  3. ARRAY[ ] is focused on art and design students, because these are populations that can operate outside of the bounds of acceptable behavior.
  4. ARRAY[ ] is resistant to uncritical approaches to teaching contemporary media practices.
  5. ARRAY[ ] is suspicious of concepts like "access," innovation," and "evidence-based strategies."
  6. ARRAY[ ] is counter to cultures of training and certification.
  7. ARRAY[ ] is interested in sociopolitical factors of interface, media, and distribution systems.
  8. ARRAY[ ] is conscious of the complexity of learning over time.
  9. ARRAY[ ] is intended to assist teachers and learners in reducing fear, and increasing agency.


Our intention is to increase the number of students experiencing low-level approaches (as in command line prompts and programming) that remove as many layers of interface abstraction as possible. Specifically, we are offering an alternative to the standard "Creative Suite®" focused approach to new media aspects of art and design foundations. ARRAY[ ] offers examples of alternate models and methods of learning, collaboration, and relevant responses to art/design edu outside of higher education, all from a standpoint of practical and friendly curriculum for the introduction of complex ideas and processes.


ARRAY [ ] is a repository of entryways into new media craft, processes, materials, cultures, and contexts specifically geared towards beginners (both teachers and students). The title ARRAY [ ] is inspired by a concept common to programming languages that generally means, “a systematic arrangement” or “a variable that can be indexed.” ARRAY [ ] content includes both project scenarios and essays as mechanisms for learning. Unlike a conventional printed textbook, ARRAY [ ] can use the flexibility of the web platform to grow, change, and respond to shifts in art, design, and education. ARRAY [ ] projects are modified as contributors test and refine their projects in studios and classrooms. ARRAY [ ] projects are updated as philosophies, circumstances, and technologies evolve. ARRAY [ ] contributor essays and blog entries capture current thoughts and accumulate over time to reveal patterns and trends in thinking/activity.  

ARRAY [ ] is committed to accessibility, literacy, and criticality, translated into agency. ARRAY [ ] information is free, friendly, and open to everybody interested in learning. ARRAY [ ] concepts prioritize the kind of information beginners need to get acclimated while introducing contexts and suggestions for further engagement.


ARRAY [ ] is a peer reviewed repository and publication. The material published via ARRAY [ ] is vetted for relevance and quality. ARRAY [ ] editors currently involve j.duran, Adam Trowbridge, and Jessica Parris Westbrook. Moving forward guest editors and members of the advisory board will be involved in the review process. 


As an extension of ARRAY [ ] we are running a curated listserv discussion series called “ArrayList” focused on foundation level new media pedagogy. For complete details about ArrayList including themes and thread leaders please visit Sign up to participate here:; use the first login link or the subscribe link to create your account


Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Parris Westbrook are both Assistant Professors at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where they teach undergraduate level courses in The Department of Contemporary Practices and The Department of Art and Technology Studies. Trowbridge and Westbrook have been involved in higher education since the turn of the century and have significant design and interactive industry experience. Their research/practice is collaborative and is focused on mixed reality, media, distribution, authorized formats + unauthorized ideas, systems of control and radical togetherness. Their academic work is focused on considering “foundations” or “fundamentals” of art and design practices and education. Adam Trowbridge received an MFA in Electronic Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL (2008) and a BFA in Sculpture and Painting from The University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (1996). Jessica Westbrook received an MFA in Photography from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia (1998) and a BFA in Photography and Painting from The University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (1996).

j.duran is an artist and educator who creates Rube Goldberg machines out of digital bits. His work tends to explore the overlaps in computational and physical space in an effort to initiate a reconsideration of the latent impact of technology in the social feedback circuit. His process centers in the tension created through simultaneous reduction and abstraction that he developed in his previous career as a software engineer. Often he constructs unseen software frameworks as a gesture to engage in extra disciplinary activities and ventures. The products of these endeavors include interactive installations, interventions, software, unconventional modes of distribution, robotics, light, sound, video, digital images, latent experiences and physical objects. duran has taught courses in Data Visualization, Interactive Art, and Systems. duran received an MFA in New Media from The University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL (2009) and a BS in Computer Science from Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL (2001). 


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ARRAY [ ] is designed, developed, and maintained by j.duran, Adam Trowbridge, and Jessica Westbrook. In the spirit of open platforms, ARRAY [ ] utilizes Drupal and a number of open source tools to project manage. In time ARRAY [ ] will be bundled on github.